About Kelly

Is it really possible to get clients & have a wildly profitable business without acting like an extrovert?


You bet it is.

introverted woman with glasses sitting at her desk coaching clients


I’ve done it, and I’ve helped coaches of all kinds do the same.


But, back before I figured out how to show up consistently & make the most of my time online through refined messaging, I tried the hustle-n-grind, tied to my phone, obsessing over my business, desperate for it to just WORK ALREADY thing for a long freaking time.

It nearly ruined my life.

I was so exhausted from the hustle and stifling my need for rest that there were days that I wanted to crawl under the covers and close my eyes and never wake up.


Sometimes, I look back and I’m not sure why I kept going. But I did.


And I remember the moment I decided that I was going earn $100k as a freelancer and I was going to do it MY WAY.


I was sitting at my desk crying and wanting to vomit at the thought of doing more cold outreach and more me-me-me content.


At that point, I’d worked as a social media manager for 8 years, and I KNEW how to build an audience and how to write great content. I knew how to sell on social. I just didn’t trust that it would work for me.


But the things my coaches and mentors wanted me to do weren’t working either, and I figured that I had nothing to lose. So I went all-in on my new plan.


And by all-in, I mean, I committed to working on my business 2 hours a day and no more, and trusting that it was all working.


I prioritized down time. I prioritized rest. I prioritized getting out into nature. I prioritized serving my existing clients as well as I possibly could.


I prioritized following the plan I created, showing up consistently, and not getting back into hustle mode when I didn’t see results in the first two weeks.


Because it did take longer than 2 weeks. I wasn’t an overnight success.


From the day I made that commitment until the day I was fully booked out was about 4 months. At the time, it felt like an eternity. Looking back, it’s just a blip in the radar.


That was three years ago. I’ve made some changes to my business model. I’ve made some changes to my strategy – turns out I LOVE teaching and being on camera. Who knew?


I’ve made some changes to the specifics of what I’m doing, but I’ve never deviated from the basics – show up consistently, build trust with my audience, create really great content, sell daily, & trust that it’s working.


I can’t promise you overnight success, but I can promise you that it’s possible to build your business the way you want to. You don’t need to hustle, you don’t need to be available 24/7, you don’t need to force yourself on strangers.


You need a couple hours a day and solid plan to follow so that you show up consistently.


Ready to create your plan? Click the button and apply to work with me. I can’t wait to hear from you.