Build a Business that Allows You to

Build your coaching business or service-based business doing work you love, for clients you love, in a way that allows you to live a life you love. Get started with one of our options below.

Be Inspired to Create Epic Impact

“Quiet & Badass” is the inspirational multi-author book you’ve been looking for! 18 visionary quiet but badass women each share their stories of creating epic impact through their unique points of view as introverted or sensitive

Social Media Audit

Audit your own social media accounts and gain insight on how to create a social media presence that’s more powerful and attracts your ready-to-buy dream clients.

Plus get a free 30-minute social media audit with Kelly, where she’ll deliver a plan with 3-5 actionable tips on how to improve your social media presence.

MYM Simplified Sales System

Once you’ve Mastered Your Messaging, it’s time to use that messaging to build a simplified sales system that gets your right-fit dream client knocking on your digital doorstep with her credit card in hand, ready to get started working with you!

This free hour-long training will guide you through the exact sales system I use in my own business, with the the key framework that gets leads in my inbox every time I post.


A safe place to connect with others who value true, authentic relationships!

Join the group, show up confidently, stand out courageously, and sell out your 1:1 offers while operating from a place of true integrity.

There’s no hustle & grind mentality in the Un-Ignorable world, just aligned actions that help you reach your 6-figure success. 

Free training session every Wednesday.

Master Your Messaging

MYM is the basis of all we do here at Kelly VanHoveln Coaching. This is an 8-week done-with-you program that helps you get ultimate clarity on who you’re talking to, and what you’re selling, so that you know what to say in your marketing
to bring in Dream Clients who can’t wait to work with you.

Then, once you’ve Mastered Your Messaging, you’ll learn how to create content that calls in the people in your audience who are ready to buy. If you want to sell from a place of deep integrity, to clients who don’t need “convincing”
to be ready to work with you, start with Master Your Messaging.

Firm Foundations

If you’re ready for a comprehensive business plan where you’ll build a strengths-based lead generation, marketing, and sales system, create an offer suite that you can sell with complete integrity, and dial in your brand messaging
so you can create powerful content, plus get 1:1 guidance on implementation of all these pieces,
you need Firm Foundations.

This 6-month program will help you build to your 6-figure success, doing work you love, while giving you the freedom to live a life you love. 

Private 1:1 Coaching for Personalized Business Growth