Master Your Messaging

Create content that brings in the people in your audience who are ready to buy right now.

This program is for service providers and coaches who want to sell out their 1:1 program and stay fully-booked by using their content to attract right-fit clients.

After Master Your Messaging, you will

  • Understand what messaging really *is* (and isn’t) so that you can create messaging that feels genuine and authentic without using cheesy buzzwords or overblown promises.
  • Understand the characteristics of the person who is ready-to-buy right now so you can speak directly to them in your content.
  • Know how to confidently talk about the results of your offers, even if your clients get results that seem like they’re all over the place. 
  • Know how to sell through your social media content or email so that sales become easier and more consistent.

Through this program, you’ll learn how to align your audience & your offer, and then create messaging that resonates with the right-fit people in your audience who are ready to buy right now.

Here’s how it works:

Identify your right-fit client: First, you’ll get clear on the characteristics of the person who is *already looking* for a solution like yours and is ready to buy! Being crystal clear on who this person is means you’ll know exactly
where to go to find her and what to say to get her sold on working with you.

Refine your offer: Then you will refine your offer to make sure it delivers exactly what your right-fit client needs to see success. When you know your clients will get the results you promise them, every time, you can market &
sell in complete integrity.

Create powerful messaging: When the needs of your right-fit client & the results of your offer are in alignment, you’ll find it easy to create clear, concise, and powerful messaging that resonates deeply with your audience. 

When you wrap up this program, you’ll know how to use your new messaging to create content that gets your right-fit client sold on working with you so that you never have to feel slimy or sleazy about sales again.

This program is for you if you know that messaging matters and content is the key to making sales more easily.

Maybe you’ve already tried the cut-n-paste content templates or the complicated content calendars and they just didn’t work for you, and now you’re ready to learn how to create your own powerful messaging so you can call in your
dream clients.

You will see the best results from MYM if you have a core offer priced at $1000/month or more and you have had some experience selling and delivering your service, but it can work for you even if you’re brand-new to business or making
a pivot.

MYM is a 4-module hybrid course & consulting package. You’ll receive lifetime access to the Course portion of the program to work through the 4 main modules at your own pace. After every module, you can submit your MYM Workbook
for review. Kelly will deliver detailed feedback on your work, helping you create more clear, concise, and powerful messaging. 

Plus you’ll get an hour-long wrap up call at the end of the program so that you can be sure you have a clear understanding of how to use your new powerful messaging and content in your marketing strategy.

Your investment into Master Your Messaging is $997. With your purchase, you get lifetime access to the program materials and you’ll receive any future updates to the program as we make them.

Past clients of this program have seen a 2-5x return on their investment (AKA sales of $2k-$5k or more) with just 1 post that uses their new powerful messaging, and most clients sell 1-3 spots in their program within the first month
of posting content that uses their new messaging.

After 3 months of consistently posting, most clients see 3-5 sales each month from people who have contacted them about working together, and they find that sales are more fun and simple because the people reaching out to them are
already pre-sold on their offers.

To find out more about the program,
send me a message on Facebook or
email me with your questions. Or, if you know you’re ready to get started,
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