The Irresistible Offer Workshop

Could you sell more (and more easily) if you had more clarity around your offer?

Yes! If you’re even a little bit unclear on the outcome of your offer or why your clients want that outcome, your content will probably fall flat with your audience.

But when you know the outcome of your program, and you know why it matters to your audience, then you’ll know what to say in your content to make your offer irresistible to them.

And irresistible offers sell themselves!

That’s the dream, right? To sell thru your content – for your people to be so on-fire for working with you that they’re practically begging to get started, simply by reading your posts or watching your Reels (or whatever it is you want to create).

Let’s make that happen for you: Join me for the Irresistible Offer Workshop.

In 4 sessions, you’ll learn how to map out your offer so that you can see the amazing transformations you take your clients through AND the big-pic outcome that you help them achieve.

Then, you’ll learn how to tie the outcome of your offer to the desires & dreams of your audience so you can be sure that everything you say about your offer resonates deeply with them and gets them excited about working with you.

At the end of our 4 sessions together, you’ll be clear about how awesome your offer really is, and confident in your ability to sell it thru your social media content.

This self-guided workshop is for coaches at all levels – both those who are already selling fairly consistently but want to know exactly what to say in their content so they can sell more without spending tons of time on sales calls, and those who know what they want to coach on but don’t yet have it laid out into a clear plan to get their clients from point A to point B (and, of course, anyone in-between).

Join now for access to the private Facebook Group and the recordings. Plus you’ll have 30 days’ access to me via Voxer for content review and pocket coaching about your offer documents.

Full-Pay Option (one payment of $300):