Stop ignoring your intuition

If your intuition is telling you that a certain way of doing business is the right way for you, but your coach is telling you to shove that feeling and do it her way, RUN. Unless you want to continue to grow your business doubting yourself and feeling tons of resistance around selling, get the heck outta Dodge.

A client I worked with recently had this exact experience:
In her heart, she knew that the way to grow her audience was in collaborating with others in her space, but her coach was adamant that she would be wasting her time and sending her audience running to work with those other coaches.

So she had reluctantly stuck to her coach’s recommendation of “giving value” in Facebook groups and being tied to her phone 24/7 so that she didn’t miss a comment or question.

And not only was she sick of feeling tied to her phone and not having energy for her family or the time freedom she dreamed of (truly, the real reason many of us start our businesses, right?), she was resentful of her business, feeling tons of resistance around her marketing & sales, and frustrated at the lack of clients this strategy was getting her.

If you know me at all by now, you know that I was like, “Listen, this is B.S. If you want to collaborate with people whose services compliment yours, by all means, let’s create a plan where you get to do that!”

So, we did!

We mapped out a plan where she’s reaching out to a handful of experts & influencers in her niche and offering them the opportunity to go Live in her Group and on her Insta.

During our session together, we created a reach-out script and a follow-up message so that she doesn’t even have to think about what to say when approaching them. She just copies the script, changes a few details, and hits send.

It’s so simple, she can get it done in just a few minutes each day, and then spend the rest of her day snuggling with her boys and enjoying her beautiful mountain-view backyard patio.

It’s not only simple. It’s working for her.

In one month of working this plan, she’s grown her Group by 48 (targeted, engaged) members and has had a record number of sales conversations about her program.

We can make this happen for you, too.

If you’re ready to feel more aligned with your marketing plan, to feel like you’re making the most of your time spend online, or if you just want to streamline your marketing & sales so that you can enjoy your business again, I’m your girl.

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