About Kelly
Show up consistently. Build trust with your audience. Make sales without feeling gross.

The VIP Day

In just one day, we’ll create a customized marketing plan that plays to your strengths so you know exactly what to do show up consistently, build trust with your audience, and sell confidently without feeling gross.

Consistency builds trust. Trust builds relationships. Relationships make sales. 

As introverts, we’re often looking to make our sale process easier. We don’t want to be in-your-face obnoxious, we don’t want to hustle, and we definitely don’t want to get on a call and “dig into the pain points” or act all slimy and gross to “convince” our clients to work with us. 


The secret to making your sales process way easier so you don’t feel gross? Consistency in your content.


If your future clients don’t see you show up consistently with your content, they can’t trust that you’ll show up consistently when they work with you. 

They want to know you’ll be there for them when you say you will be, that you prioritize your time with them, and that you won’t disappear for two weeks and leave them hanging.

When you post inconsistently or disappear for weeks at a time, you erode their trust, making them wonder if you’re actually worth the time and money it takes to work with you, even if they know they need what you’re selling.


Consistency is key to your success in business as an introvert, but consistency doesn’t have to be as difficult as you’re making it out to be.


The biggest barrier to consistency is uncertainty:

-uncertainty about what you should be doing each day.

-uncertainty about how to get in front of the right people. 

-uncertainty about what to say to get your audience to see you as the expert you are.
-uncertainty about how to sell every day without feeling gross.

After our VIP Day session, you will know exactly what to do each day so that you show up consistently and build trust with your future clients, so that when it comes time to sell, you’ll be speaking to an audience of raving fans who absolutely know they have to work with you.

Take your coaching practice from a few hard-won clients to fully-booked with ease by showing up consistently and building trust with your audience.

Together we will:

Audit your current marketing so we know exactly where the gaps are that are keeping you from being consistent.

Create a new customized plan and break it down into bite-sized chunks so you know what to do every day.

Build up a custom content library so that you never run out of things to say.

Refine the way you talk about your offer in your content so that you can confidently sell it every time you post.

When you show up consistently, confidently share about what you do, and sell in a subtle but effective way, you build trust with your audience, streamlining your sales process and helping you bring in clients more consistently. 

Past Client Successes

Here's what's included with your VIP Day:

the container

You get two 3-hour sessions to map out your plan and work through the content-building process. We can do both sessions on 1 day, or divide them up over 2 days.


One week after we’ve completed both sessions, we’ll meet again for a 90-minute presentation to talk through the deliverables.

the deliverables

  • A “Marketing Strategy” document with your personalized plan, implementation tips, and breakdown of your monthly tasks.
  • A “Messaging Map” document with a bank of content ideas that are written specifically for your offer, and sample scripts for reach out messages, posts, and for closing sales in Messenger.
  • Customized to-do list so you know exactly what to do each day.
  • Social media tracker so you can measure your results.

the extras

Get one month of follow-up with me in Voxer or Messenger so you can ask questions and we can make changes or tweaks as you begin to implement the plan, and receive the call recordings from each of our sessions so you can reference them anytime you need.

The investment: $2997 (payment plans are available)